Theatre Outreach

Like all Kidoons stage shows, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea uses creative multimedia to help tell stories about important issues today, and connect them to a bigger picture. Our Outreach follows from that idea, and takes many forms.

TALKBACKS: After each performance, members of the 20K team host a talkback in the theatre, often inviting partner organizations onstage.

LOBBY CONVERSATIONS: Wherever possible, we head to the lobby after the talkback for signings, and to continue the journey. For longer runs, we encourage theatres to set up partner campaigns, interactive family activities, and educational displays relating to the themes of the show. 

NAUTILUS LEAKS: One of our educational sites on the Kidoons Network, where you can find videos of the action figures from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea engaging with scientists and researchers from around the world. Please visit to find out more.

THE KIDOONS NETWORK: Where Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea connects to our other onstage productions (like Jungle Book, FrankensteinBOOM and BOOM X), and to our many online web series on the Kidoons Network (like The Greatest Lakes: a Jerry Muskrat AdventureGo West, Young Bear: a Buster Bear Adventure, and many others). Whenever our company tours to a city, we meet with local organizations whose themes echo the themes within our shows. We then partner with these organizations to create new episodes in our web series, connecting them to our national storylines on the network.

And more Outreach...
SCHOOL SHOWS: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea is a terrific way to engage students with water issues today, through a classic sci-fi novel. Suitable for ages 8+.
BACKSTAGE TOURS: Given to anyone interested in the creative process and the mechanics of theatre.
STUDY GUIDES: We're happy to provide you access to our 8-page Student Collectors booklet, with info about our show, the characters, the themes, a graphic novel cartoon, and ideas about how you engage in your own water community. Download it here
In short, when Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea tours to a city, we become connectors in the community and a hub for conversations about creativity, history, culture, technology and ecology.