The Project

Kidoons tells classic stories both onstage and online. Rick Miller and Craig Francis, the co-creators of the play Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, have also created a larger world of stories, characters, adventure and education that we hope will entertain, educate, enlighten and empower young people. The overarching plot is the story of the legendary Captain Nemo, who travels in his incredible Nautilus submarine protecting the world's waters. Captain Nemo's ocean base is the undersea city of New Atlantis, where humans and animals work together to protect and save the earth. The overarching theme is the idea that by working together – and by bringing together art and science – we can help solve the problems facing all of us.

The Play

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, the stage show, was commissioned and premiered at the Pan Am Games Cultural Festival in Torono in 2015. It has run Off-Broadway at The New Victory Theatre, at Asolo Repertory Theatre in Florida, and is currently touring Canada and the U.S. The play has a cast of 3 brilliant actors and an immersive multimedia design including projections and live feed of action-figures of the characters!
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The Animated Series

Captain Nemo has vowed never to set foot on land again, so he has sent out his team on missions: a motley crew of animals who travel across North America, solving mysteries, exploring historic sites, and meeting new friends from sea to sea to sea. His team includes:
Jerry Muskrat: 
Billy Mink: 
Buster Bear:
Grandfather Frog:
Paddy The Beaver:

The Science Series

The crew of the Nautilus, in their action-figure form, interview real water scientists! Miller and Francis have worked with real oceanographers and scientists in Canada and the United States to discuss challenges facing the waters, as well as solutions that science is pursuing. These scientists are New Atlanteans, working to use creative inquiry to solve the world's water issues. These video episodes are used by teachers and student groups before seeing the show, or as stand-alone modules to bring science to life through stories. Each video is leaked exclusively on Kidoons Network as "Nautilus Leaks"!