Time warp brings classic novel into new league

Friday, March 11, 2016

It’s a 19th Century adventure story colliding head-on with 21st Century technology.

The Grand Theatre presents Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, a multi-media production by some of the same people who brought last year’s hit show, Boom! to the stage.

It’s a modern day version of the classic Jules Verne tale with Captain Nemo and his adventures aboard his submarine, Nautilus.

The show, a Kidoons & WYRD Production, is the creation of Craig Francis, who produced Boom! and Rick Miller, its star and creator. “Rick and I had been looking for a project to do together and I think this show brings together our passions to tell stories and bring stories to life,” said Francis.

“I think audiences will be spellbound. There’s something new happening every minute, but it’s very well-paced.

“Although this is our fi fth production, I consider the Grand Theatre our fi rst theatrical run. This is a large, classic theatre with great height and fl ies that we need and you have to give credit to the Grand (artistic director Susan Ferley) for her support of works that are challenging to create but should be a joy for audiences to watch.”

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