Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea – An Immersive, Multimedia Experience

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kidoons and WYRD Productions’ presentation of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea is not a faithful re-enactment of the Jules Verne classic tale. What it is, however, is a multimedia and multi-sensory re-imagining of the novel, which includes contemporary elements, that proves to be one of the most visually engaging and creatively dynamic presentations to grace the Grand Theatre stage in ages.

It is designed to be a family-friendly production, complementing an animated production to follow its run fi rst here in London, then in New York. But one hesitates to use the term family-friendly due to the specifi c connotations that the term carries.

It is not “kiddie” in nature, though it can appeal to kids. And, even at 20,000 leagues under the sea, the themes and language used in the play may fl y over the heads of the younger viewers. But the style and visual presentation of the production is innovative, gripping, and supersedes any plot inconsistencies or liberties taken.

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