BOOM X opens Belfry's 2019-20 Season in Victoria

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

4 years after BOOM opened The Belfry Theatre's 40th anniversary, Rick Miller and Kidoons are back with BOOM X, the GenX sequel that spans the years 1970-1995. It’s the second in a trilogy of solo multimedia performances, which collectively span 75 years of history, politics, culture, and technology on our planet. BOOM X picks up where BOOM left off, at Woodstock in August of ‘69, and takes us all the way to 1995, when the internet began to dominate our lives. Over the course of 100 minutes, Miller plays over 100 colourful characters from the days of disco, the oil crisis, Watergate, the Cold War, video games, punk rock, the (second) British Invasion, and more.

“STUNNING… A marvellous mashup of media, verbatim theatre, jukebox musical and autobiographical confession” (Globe & Mail)
“A ONE-MAN SHOW MASTER… A multimedia showcase of Rick Miller’s incredibly unique ability to bring all this pop culture to life” (CBC News)
“4 STARS… An immensely entertaining, high energy magic carpet ride with a real genie for a tour guide” (Calgary Herald)
“ASTONISHING… BOOM X is a miracle of timing and technology” (Montreal Gazette)

Tickets from Jul 29-Aug 18 2019.

Produced by Kidoons/WYRD Productions, in association with Theatre Calgary and The 20K Collective
RICK MILLER: Writer/Director/Performer

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