Mtl BOOM X reviews: "A Miracle of Timing and Technology" (Mtl. Gazette)

Monday, February 25, 2019

"BOOM X is a Miracle of Timing and Technology" (Mtl. Gazette review)
"Miller astounds audiences with his highly versatile talent, impressive musicality, and entertaining impersonations." (
"A Sensationally Terrific Production for the Eyes and the Ears" (Onstage Blog)
"A hugely entertaining show, a real barn burner, a crowd pleaser, and you don’t need to have seen the original BOOM to get into it.” (Richard Burnett, CJAD)
"Part hilarious nostalgia and part poignant reflection on the growing pains of the generation following the Boomers. It is fun, rousing, and thoughtful." (
"Rick Miller mixes memoir, uncanny vocal impersonation, flashy scenography and a dash of the jukebox musical in his latest one-man show, BOOM X" (Pat Donnelly, PatStagePage)
"Miller transporte les spectateurs dans un véritable voyage dans le temps...assisté de projections multimédias et d'astuces personnelles pour rendre le tout encore plus éclatant." (

Rick Miller's new solo show has opened in Montreal, playing at The Segal Centre from Feb 14-Mar 10 2019. Set in Town of Mount Royal, QC, between the years 1970-1995 - from the FLQ crisis to the 2nd Quebec Referendum - Miller plays 100 characters to bring to life the music, culture and politics of "Generation X". It's a multimedia spectacle for audiences of all generations, and a love-letter to the city of Montreal (and to the ill-fated Montreal Expos!).

CTV television interview (starts at 38:40)
preview article in The Surbuban
preview radio interview CJAD

Kidoons in association with Theatre Calgary and The 20K Collective presents
RICK MILLER: Writer/Director/Performer*
JEFF LORD: Executive Producer
BRUNO MATTE: Lighting Designer/Production Manager
NICOLAS DOSTIE: Video & Projection Co-Designer
IRINA LITVINENKO: Video & Projection Co-Designer
VIRGINIE LECLERC: Costume & Props Designer
LAUREL ONEIL: Stage Manager*
RICK MILLER: Set & Sound Designer/Composer
AIDAN WARE: Assistant Production Manager
LOGOGRAPH: Graphic Design
MUSIC LICENSING: Lucie Bourgouin (Permission) and Michael Perlmutter (Instinct)
Official site: Outreach site:
Developed in association with The 20K Collective.
The world premiere of BOOM X was presented at
Theatre Calgary in 2019.

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