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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The staged version of TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA is a playful theatrical adaptation of Jules Verne's 1954 classic movie by the same title. Jules Verne is regarded as a visionary, a prophetic writer who was in tune not only with his world but also with the world of the future. Our world today. For those of you who remember the undersea sci-fi adventures of Captain Nemo, you may come to the theater wondering, how are they going to pull this off without resembling a humble school production.

This fresh new perspective of re-imagining classic works in which the theater is producing more and more, i.e. FINDING NEVERLAND vs. PETER PAN, WICKED vs. THE WIZARD of OZ, offers some new perspectives for the cast, crew and theatre-goers alike. So set the movie you remember to rest onshore for now and put on your diving gear. Take the plunge. This is going to be a creatively, interesting voyage.

Produced by Jeff Lord, creators Craig Francis and Rick Miller and Canada's Kidoons and WYRD Productions, bring this version up-to-date not only via theatrics, (light design, puppetry, and projections), but by modernizing Jules' character into our world of technology, eco-concerns, and social media. It sounds weird. But it works….

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