Meet Brendan McMahon, as Jules

Monday, June 5, 2017

Brendan McMahon plays the storyteller Jules, who takes us on a journey into his own version of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, June 7 - July 1 at Asolo Repertory Theatre.

Where are you from?
Ann Arbor, MI, but I live in Brooklyn, NY

Have you been to Florida before?
Yes! I visited a lot with family while growing up (my great grandfather lived here), and spent a summer in Jacksonville Beach. I also took several road trips after college, to the Keys, to Sarasota, Miami... all over!

Describe your most memorable onstage experience…
Performing in THE FIREBIRD at Lincoln Center in New York City. I had never performed for such a large house, and we had the accompaniment of a full symphony orchestra, playing Stravinksy!

What is different or special about this show for you?
I love the imaginative and open-hearted way that this show uses Jules Verne’s vision to address our current environmental issues and inspire curiosity and wonder about our oceans.

What's something you do in life to lessen your impact on the environment?
Recycle paper and plastic, bicycle and walk instead of driving --as much as possible--, use LED light bulbs, Use tote bags for groceries, and compost!

What's your favorite undersea creature?
Humpback whales. They are so intelligent and make such beautiful music. Also, jellyfish are amazing to watch.

What's a favorite story or memory about water?
Snorkeling in Kuauai, Hawaii –Such magnificent and beautiful sea life, including turtles, sharks and seals. Also, kayaking in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in Quebec. Orca whales came right up to our kayaks!

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