BOOM Springs Across Canada

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

After 300 + Canadian shows in 2015-16, Rick Miller's BOOM is back on the road. We played Banff on March 11, Charlottetown on Mar 31, and now we head to Sudbury (April 7-8), Oakville (May 3), Fredericton (May 12), Gananoque (May 24-Jun 10), and Saskatoon (Aug 8-20).
Bring your parents, bring your kids, and enjoy the most presented new show in Canada!

You can also check out audience stories inspired by the stories in

Families and schools: on the Kidoons Network, BOOM connects to our other onstage productions and to our many online web series, like Maritime Mink: a Billy Mink Adventure, The Greatest Lakes: a Jerry Muskrat Adventure, Go West, Young Bear: a Buster Bear Adventure, and many others. Whenever we tour BOOM to a city, we meet with local organizations whose themes echo the themes within our shows. We then partner with these organizations to create new episodes in our web series, connecting them to our national storylines on the network.

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