World Water Day: WATCH 3 new Nautilus Leaks

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy World Water Day! We're celebrating March 22 with 3 new Nautilus Leaks episodes for your family and classroom, as 3 renowned scientists – Imogen Coe, Don Mavinic, and Cory Laughlin – explain their research to Jules on board Captain Nemo's Nautilus on their quest to save the world's waters. Don't miss our theatrical hit Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, at Asolo Rep Theatre, in Sarasota, Florida, from June 8-July 2.

WASTEWATER: Dr. Donald Mavinic is a UBC Professor, and a Manning Award-winning expert in wastewater management. Don tells Jules about his team's amazing work recovering phosphorous from wastewater, and re-using it as a slow-release fertilizer. Created in partnership with the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

CITY WATER: Dr. Imogen Coe, Dean of Science at Toronto's Ryerson University, tells Jules about big city water challenges. As climate change leads to more extreme weather, better planning, better infrastructure, and better policies are needed... and there are things you can do too! Created in partnership with Ryerson Urban Water in Toronto, ON, Canada.

BIRD COUNTING: Cory Laughlin is a specialist in counting species, especially birds, in order to ensure stable ecosystems. While Ned hunts down Didi Duck on the Nautilus, Cory tells Aronnax and Jules how important bird counting is, and how young people can make a difference
as "citizen scientists"... just by taking pictures of your own backyard!

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