Kidoons Onstage at APAP!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Kidoons and WYRD Productions will be at APAP January 7-9 in New York with 3 amazing shows for any Performing Arts Centre: an award-winning solo show, a sensational family adventure, and a hilarious new parody! Whether for one night or an extended run, we'll help make your season... and all of our shows include extensive outreach, education and media on the Kidoons Network. Chat with us at Booth #316 or email to make an appointment.
Happy New Year, and a creative 2017 to you and yours.

- Rick Miller and Craig Francis

BOOM is an explosive solo performance that documents the music, culture and politics that shaped the Baby Boom generation. BOOM takes us through 25 turbulent years, from 1945-1969, giving voice to over a 100 influential politicians, activists and musicians through an incredible performance immersed in stunning multimedia. It's a mind-blowing experience for audiences of all generations. With 250 performances in the 2015-16 season, BOOM was the most presented new show in Canada, won the Outstanding Multimedia Design Sterling Award, and is now booking for U.S. runs.
“A can't-miss theatrical experience. There is no question BOOM will become an international hit because its themes, characters and music are universal... Miss it at your own peril. ★★★★★" (Calgary Sun)

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea is the stage adaptation of the classic Jules Verne Sci-Fi adventure, exploring the power of nature and the nature of power. Plunge into a multisensory experience with unforgettable characters, eye-popping projections and interactive audience technology. This family-friendly show encourages us to connect for the future. After a world premiere at the 2015 PanAm Games, the show was a hit Off-Broadway at The New Victory Theater on 42nd Street in NYC. This show was selected for the APAP UPnext! event Jan 6th. “MAGICAL! A frisky adaptation of the Jules Verne sci-fi saga… The acting is never less than zesty and the use of projections is sometimes jaw dropping!” (NY Times). “The special effects are so compelling... you can't take your eyes off the stage!” (Toronto Star)

GAME of CLONES is the hilarious parody mash-up from the creators of the international hit MacHomer. It's George Lucas vs. George RR Martin in a mash-up of 2 beloved sagas, with 2 amazing actors playing 60 ridiculous characters. It's a collision of the sublime and the ridiculous, of Sci Fi and Fantasy, of knights getting their hands cut off. and... of knights getting their hands cut off. From high-tech multimedia to low-brow humor, you'll find it all: space, ice, fire, sex, and murder. Now touring all 7 Kingdoms as well as Galaxies far, far away... Perfect to book for college audiences and up during the spring seasons of Game of Thrones or the winter runs of Star Wars!

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