Raves for BOOM at the Belfry!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

"Nothing short of brilliant! Miller — working with a terrific team — has managed to meld theatre and technology in an exciting, innovative manner that delights and, on occasion, amazes. That is no small feat. And that is why you need to go see Boom"
Times Colonist

"Extremely powerful! If you have parents or other loved ones and you want to make them really really happy, I’ve got a super-hot tip: take them to see Boom at the Belfry."
“A tour de force! Miller is a dynamic, talented performer, leaping from character to character. Magnificent image-projections and startlingly effective use of light and shadows."
CVV Magazine

“Playful, inventive, and visually stunning. BOOM is fast-paced, educational, and packed with artistic innovation”
The Marble

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BOOM plays at The Belfry Theatre in Victoria BC until Aug 23 2015.

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